Digital Resident or Digital Visitor?

Forget Prensky’s old Digital Native vs. Digital Immigrant classification – as far back as 2010 White and Le Cornu re-examined and rephrased our online behaviours in a more nuanced and accurate way – as a continuum. Subsequently, JISC (2015) have released a simple set of questions by which we can assess our own online behaviours:


Are you entirely Resident (or Visitor)? Or, where would you position yourself on the spectrum? Is that the same for your personal and professional life?

Single vs Multiple Digital Identities

Having been inspired and educated by Holly and Melina this week, I have produced an infographic using to summarise the advantages and disadvantages of a single or multiple online identities:


The presentation in which it was used can be found here. In the same presentation I shamelessly ‘borrowed’ the videos which featured in Shriya‘s blog! Thank you to all #uosm2008 for the inspiration.