Peer Learning example from Designing Your Research Project MOOC on Futruelearn

This was a useful post made by one of the students on the MOOC concerning: Digital Literacies — Information Literacies — Searching Literacy.

Many other coursemates (and the odd mentor!) were able to learn something from this student. I found suggestion 7 especially useful.

“For literature searching, there are many strategies;

1) Use Boolean operator like AND, OR, NOT
2) Use Bracket like ( Digital AND Literacy ) AND Government..
3) Use File type like literacy:pdf
4) Use wildcard e.g. Literacy*
5) use quotation e.g. “literacy”
6) use keyword of topic then search synonyms and then apply Boolean operators.
7) Use domain or site. e.g Digital Literacy Site: .edu

in which you can search website with name of literacy in education sector.

8) you can use URL e.g InURL: Literacy

9) If you want to search literacy in any website then type


10) if you want to see literacy in title of any journal then you can type

ti stand for Title

similary many short form used in brackets;

ab stand for abstract
tw stand for text word”

Feel free to add any more good ideas, even if you think they are a bit old or that everyone knows them. It all helps!