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For nearly twenty years I have had a profound interest in and commitment to teaching and learning from both a practitioner and researcher perspective. Having taught in a wide range of educational contexts since 2002, I have gained direct experience of what it means to be an educator in the digital age. As a result, my fascination with how learning has been impacted by digital technologies, has led to a passion for understanding, researching, sharing and teaching digital education, networked learning and innovative learning design.

I have recently completed writing my interdisciplinary PhD in Digital Education and Web Science (University of Southampton) entitled Understanding the Networked Student: how Personal Learning Networks are used for learning’. This work aims to better inform HE teaching and learning design by understanding how socially situated networks of technologies, people and information are used in a rapidly changing HE landscape featuring the sociotechnical intertwining of learning and technology. 

The findings have helped to shed new light on areas including research methodology, networked learning, digital literacies, learning design and digital inequalities. 

I am also the Lead Educator for the ‘Learning in the Network Age’ MOOC (FutureLearn & University of Southampton) and have been module lead for two innovation modules – ‘Living and Working on the Web’ and ‘Online Social Networks’. I also guest lecture on the PGCAP staff development programme  on networked scholarship and digital identity, as well as giving guest sessions on colleague’s modules.

I am also the Lead Designer (Enterprise Fellow) of ‘Risk Analysis, Policy Compliance and elements of GDPR’, an online course developed as part of the IT-Innovations, University of Southampton and Data Market Services, European Horizon2020-funded, cybersecurity and data project.



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