Update – The 6 PLN Activity Areas

Here is the updated graphic explaining the different activities we undertake through our PLNs. I decided to add Gaming/Hobbies/Sports as a separate activity and move some actions to different areas – in line with previous research and logic.

all-activities-devices  all-activities-f2f

Note: there are 2 errors in the first graphic, section ‘Searching and Browsing’:- Going to the library….etc should not be included, and Job hunting should be online only.

The first graphic is for device-mediated acvtivities and the second for face-2-face/offline activities.

As always, all thoughts, comments or additions welcome.

Single vs Multiple Digital Identities

Having been inspired and educated by Holly and Melina this week, I have produced an infographic using piktochart.com to summarise the advantages and disadvantages of a single or multiple online identities:


The presentation in which it was used can be found here. In the same presentation I shamelessly ‘borrowed’ the videos which featured in Shriya‘s blog! Thank you to all #uosm2008 for the inspiration.