A research blog for developing a framework for understanding Personal Learning Networks (PLNs)

Today’s networked, self-regulating learner has an autonomously and organically created network of connections which they grow, manage and activate for specific purposes in specific ways. Learners have established preferences over the devices, software and activation patterns that best suit their learning contexts. This network includes:

  • human contacts,
  • technological devices,
  • social networks,
  • professional and academic networks,
  • gaming networks,
  • personal blogs,
  • email networks……… and more.

The emerging research field of Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) considers all these networks and preferences as component networks within a single personal learning resource which needs to be fully described and explained before PLNs can become a powerful addition to teaching and learning.

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  1. Personal Learning Networks – an analysis framework which provides a detailed look at the people, institutions, devices, services and activities which make up our learning networks

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