Single vs Multiple Digital Identities

Having been inspired and educated by Holly and Melina this week, I have produced an infographic using to summarise the advantages and disadvantages of a single or multiple online identities:


The presentation in which it was used can be found here. In the same presentation I shamelessly ‘borrowed’ the videos which featured in Shriya‘s blog! Thank you to all #uosm2008 for the inspiration.

Living and Working on the Web Module, University of Southampton

Here is a simple graphic to explain the Learning Process students undertake on this module and the poster to accompany it. This module incorporates many features of PLN and Digital Literacies development in a highly innovative way (see graphic).

The Collaborative Social Learning Cycle InnovationInHE-SocCollLearnPoster-v7

It has been well received by the students, according to their blog posts and official module feedback. They report it as being highly engaging, very real-world relevant and that the learning approach (collaborative co-construction of knowledge) is different, interesting and enjoyable.