Learning in the Network Age – FutureLearn and University of Southampton MOOC

This coming Monday (April 24th 2017) sees the start of a new Massive Open Online Course which I have produced in conjunction with many brilliant students, staff, production experts and programmers at the University of Southampton.

Learning in the Network Age

This course is all about learning in the network age. The way we learn is changing, it is much more than just attending lectures and classes.

It involves interacting with a powerful online and offline network of

  • people
  • technology
  • information

in ways, places and times of our choosing.

However, just as we are subject to social inequalities offline, so too are the networks we create online. These differences impact what our learning networks look like and how we use them.

This short course aims to understand how we learn, to know more about digital inequalities and their effect on our learning networks, and to develop the skills and literacies needed to help understand, grow, manage and activate your Personal Learning Network (PLN) effectively.

This course features a bespoke network mapping tool which will provide all participants with a visualisation of their learning network as well as providing me with my PhD research data. It is a teaching tool and a research method at the same time.

Really looking forward to seeing it finally come into being after the many months of hard work and preparation! Thank you to all those who have been involved, especially Dr. Lisa Harris without whom it would never have happened.